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Professional BDSM Escort Mistress

Sydney, Melbourne & Singapore



Professional Dominatrix Escort Service.




“Be spellbound with perverse possibilities.”

A veteran Eurasian Mistress. Highly-educated, worldly, assertive, poised and refined. An avid globe-trotter and living out of a suitcase.

Captivating your heart, mind & soul; it intrigues Me when I know and understand what makes you flinch at the slightest flick and touch. I will lead you astray while rendering you into a mere powerless, vulnerable and compliant plaything meant for My hedonistic satisfaction and pleasure.

I play with all genders, sexualities and couples; be it newcomers and seasoned players alike. Submit and actualise your deepest desires and fantasies in a conducive and trusting space.

While serving is a fulfilling reward by itself; it is an open opportunity for your self-actualisation, exploration and possibly, healing. Perhaps, you need some orderliness and discipline, a strong woman to put you in your rightful place or the punishment you deserve.

“I derive gratification on pushing your kink buttons.”

Power exchange, mental domination, genuine submission, erotic obedience, high intelligence and role reversals are my elixirs of delight.

I favour and indulge exclusively in a diverse assortments of BDSM, fetish and kink aspects: gorean slave training & positions, obedience training, domestic servitude, forced flattery, mind-control, tease and denial, humiliation, discipline, corporate punishment, chastity, ball-busting, CBT (cock-and-ball torture), strap-on, nipple & tit torture, spanking, flogging, foot worship, financial domination and more.

This is not specifically definitive – Speak to Me, if you are looking for an aspect not outlined.

“Subtle control escalates higher levels of forced discipline and humiliation.”

I do not partake in fetishes and kink pertaining to blood, scat, breath control, needles, knives, animals, young children, sexual & oral intercourse and intimate bodily worship.

All unlawful activities, unsafe substances and non-consensual play are prohibited.


“Be enslaved by a strict, firm and powerful Mistress on a deeper level.”

For My perusal and consideration, all first-timers are to answer these questions succinctly. Discretion and confidentiality are fully assured.

I look forward to playing with you.


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*In order to fulfil your kink, I recommend a session of at least 1 hour 30 minutes*

“My tastes are singular: I am easily satisfied with the best.”

Gifts while truly unexpected, are given from the heart as a representation of respect and devotion. They are delightfully welcomed henceforth; I have compiled a wish list of bespoke things I appreciate.

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Apple store  (Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany)

Takashimaya  (Singapore)

Auriga spa  (Capella Singapore)




Kink Tours


Upcoming tours are regularly updated and reflected on My social media feed. Advance bookings are recommended in securing My time for you.

I am passport-ready for international travel with ample notice to meet you anywhere in this world. If I do not have an upcoming tour to your city and you would like to indulge Me, get in touch for a ‘fly-Me-to-you’ arrangement.

“I will subjugate and beguile you continuously”